Saturday April 2, 2005

she was very nice very helpful and picked up on everything important and she answered the questions that i was thinking about with out me even asking, that was great… ur the best and i will keep in u updated.

J. Baker

Thursday February 24, 2005

I have been talking to Cherry since 1999. She has seen me and advised me through many difficult times in my life. She has been so very accurate in all that she has told me. When I follow what she tells me and really do it, I have seen the exact results she has said will come about. She is a very sweet person, and does really care about her clients.


Friday January 7, 2005

I want to thank Cherry for her accurate reading. I interview a job two months ago and she told me that it was between me and another person. I was worry because it took to long to a response after the second interview. While she was correct in letting me know that I was not going to get the job. I have not been disapointed in her readings. Her reading have help men tremendously. Thank you Cherry

Andrea Zawadzki

Saturday December 25, 2004

Cherry is a wonderful soul who is such a pleasure to talk with. She tells you nothing but the truth and not just what you want to hear. If you are searching for a better understanding of your life’s path Cherry is definatly the person to talk to. Thank You Cherry Sage!!!!!!


Saturday October 16, 2004

I really appreciate the way you relayed information,as you received it. You accurately connected with him and our situation. Thank you for confirming for me what needs to happen when (not if!) he comes back. I’m looking forward to this being IT. Blessings to you..


Thursday September 16, 2004

i am astonished! she is a truly gifted AMAZING person and reader. She gave me the WHOLE truth and nothing but it. she is a truly sweet, professional and phenominal reader. thank you so very much for your time!!!


Thursday September 2, 2004

It’s is one thing when a reader can tell you what is going on in the present, but if you want predictions that actually happen, than Cherry Sage is the woman to call. Everytime I have consulted her on things in my life, they happen. She is very accurate on timing also. She also doesn’t tell you fairy tales or try to sell you a song and dance about how he is getting ready to do some major change if you just hang on and wait. Very pleasant to talk with also. Thanks Cherry.


Monday August 30, 2004

Cherry has such a nice energy and vibe! It is refreshing to speak to her and I feel her honesty as well as clarity and accuracy in her readings. Thank you for your insight! I will definitely call you every once and a while for a little update and reflection and I totally recommend you to anyone interested in a good reading.


Thursday August 26, 2004

I am a little behind on leaving feedback for Cherry, but I want people to know how awesome she truly is. In Cherry I have found an amazingly accurate advisor, but also a friend that I can talk to and confide in. Cherry is honestly one of the nicest people I have encountered, and she genuinely cares. Even if our time runs over, she finishes our reading and never leaves me wondering. She is so thorough in her readings that you will feel refreshed after speaking to her….almost like a new person. I swear she keeps me sane 🙂 Thank you again,Cherry!!


Thursday August 26, 2004

Cherry has seen me through a very trying and difficult time in my life. She always gives an upbeat reading which helps clear out some of my negative energy. Not only that, but she is right on about the way things are currently, and about what is to come. Last time she told me she saw a phone call from “him” very soon, and in two days he called. Therefore, when she saw it this time, I know it will happen. That is what you can expect from Cherry. When she says it will happen, it will.