Wednesday January 4, 2006

I’m sorry it took so long to give you my feedback. The holidays, traveling, and all that consumes us this time of year made it difficult. However, my reading with you on 12/26 was absolutely uplifting, accurate, professional and filled with much warmth, kindness, and most of all, truth. You were so helpful and insightful that I know other callers will feel the same generosity and support that I did. My time with J has been good and we rang in the New Year on an upbeat note. Your encouragement helped bring that out. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. All the best to you in 2006!


Saturday December 3, 2005

Cherry Sage nailed everything right on the head. She was very forward and to the point. She wasted no time. She was in depth with everything going on with me. Thank you and I will be patient and understanding through this time.


Saturday October 1, 2005

Thank you so much for the reading today. You’re incredible! You were bang on. I’ll stay in touch and see how everything progresses. Thank you for your insight, enthusiasm and honesty. Laurie

Stephanie Brown

Monday September 5, 2005

I just want to thank you SO MUCH for the reading and what you were able to tell me. I feel so overwhelmed. I also feel so relaxed about the situation that I now feel like I can sleep more comfortably. Your a wonderful and beautiful person and i’m so thankful that I found your site. Thank you again!


Wednesday June 15, 2005

What a blessing to find someone that is insync with what is going on in my life. A lot of the things Cherry stated I a can confirm, and I believe what she told me about my future will help. I definitely found my counselor. Thank you for the insight and advice!


Wednesday June 1, 2005

Cherry you are undoubtably the most gifted talent on this site. One year ago you predicted exactly what is taking place at this time. One year ago I did not have this person in my life nor thoughts of doing what I am about to do. I THOUGHT YOU WERE CRAZY!!!!! YOU CALLED IT SO CORRECTLY!!! Timing, and events. I just cannot sing your praises loud or long enough. I do believe, I do believe…..Thank you so very very much….


Tuesday May 31, 2005

Thanks so much Cherry Sage. I feel more at ease. You answered all my questions and gave me additional information and made me laugh as well. I will keep you posted 🙂

Gloria Friemoth

Friday May 27, 2005

God created Cherry to sprinkle comforting words of wisdom to us earthbound souls….and even though at the end of the session, when our phones disconnect…the connection that I have made within from the advice from this Sage…gives me such inner peace, that serenity just seeps through me…she is truly a beautiful soul! I retain in my memory bank her phrases spoken to me…and she has never been inaccurate with anything! After one session with her,…you will always return. So in your darkened hour…let Cherry put you back on an illuminated path. Forever My Sage Gloria


Thursday May 26, 2005

Cherry, I cannot explain in words how you have helped my life. I’ve talked to many psychics and after talking with you, I have realized what the real thing is really like. I don’t want to talk to any other psychic now. You have helped me so much and thank you for that.


Monday May 23, 2005

I want to thank Cherry. She is truly gifted and awesome person.Was such a pleasure to talk, on her i have found the answers,advisor and a friend . Thank you …..