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I have been seeking Cherry’s guidance for 15 years now and I can say she has always been accurate. Her readings have helped me immensely, sometimes it may not be what I wanted but I get the truth and nothing but the truth. When I was looking for an apartment and thought I would not find one in time Cherry described the block and even the building number, she even saw way a head that my management office would become very strict which they did several years later. I thought was in love Cherry was able to see that it wouldn’t last, and it didn’t but she also saw that I would be thankful later on which is also true. Sometimes Cherry is able to pinpoint feelings that I have inside that I have not verbalized and when she says it I am able to breath a sigh of relief. I cannot say enough great things about Cherry. She is authentic and caring.

New York
May 29, 2020

I have been talking to Cherry for over 10 years. She is amazing! Her accuracy has been demonstrated time and time again. She is also, kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and will always tell you the truth. She has helped transform my life in bringing me closer to my own spirituality and I am so grateful I stumbled on this site so many years ago!

April 12, 2020

I been with cherry sage for 3 years and she always proved to be correct in everything she said would happen to me even though I regretfully didn’t listen to her and I suffered the results of my arrogance and I paid for it financial and emotional and mentally but I appreciated her and the fact that told me the truth and it did happen as she said I always had women problems and she caution me about certain things that I need to be aware of but because I am a man I didn’t care want she said and again she was proven r right about everything and I had to accept the truth. She is always helpful even in my stupid moments and when my penis made my decisions. She always loved me and cared about me and I will always be grateful for Cherry Sage

New Orleans
March 25, 2020

I have been reading with Cherry for 6 years! I stumbled across her page the day after a very hurtful breakup… I don’t believe in coincidences. The first time I read with her, I knew I would call again…Cherry talked to me like she was talking to her long lost friend. She was and has been with each reading compassionate, yet direct. She never sugar-coats, and that’s what I need!
Each time I read with Cherry, I take detailed notes. I found those notes last year, sat and read them, and laughed!!! Everything she said would happen did happen!! If you want a spiritual reading experience full of honesty, call Cherry.

Los Angeles
May 15, 2019

Dear Cherry,

Once again, thank you so very much! I can’t wait to talk to you again for more details, which will be very soon!
You definitely made not only my day, but what I heard from you today will give me wings and confidence for a good while :)!!!

May 14, 2019

Cherry is hands down the BEST psychic that I have EVER spoken with and believe me, I have spoken with a lot. Most of the ones that I have had the unfortunate experience of speaking with were charlatans. I lost a lot of money dealing with these “people.” I suppose that you have to experience the bad before you can experience the good. She has never told me what I wanted to hear BUT has ALWAYS told me what I needed to hear. I know that there are countless people pretending to be psychics……Cherry is NOT one of them. She is authentic. People complain that she is too expensive but you know the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” If you want a cheap psychic, then by all means do so but expect to not get one anywhere near Cherry’s caliber.

West Palm Beach, FL
January 14, 2019

I do not know where to begin when it comes to cherry. A few months ago I found myself in a horrible situation and faced with the toughest decision of my life. I was pregnant and alone. I was considering placing the child for adoption with a family that I had known and was very close too. I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do, but not sure. Not only could cherry describe this family perfectly but also new the adopted mother had been struggling to have a child. She was able to predict the date of the babys birth and even new that his name would be connected to them. She even knew he would look like the adoptive father. Everything she has predicted so far has been very accurate. She helped me to know that he was going to have a wonderful life with them and that it was truly part of my destiny to give them a child. I love cherry and am so grateful to have had her through the hardest time in my life.

September 15, 2018

I have had several readings with others but no one and I mean no one is quite like her! She saw me shaking right as I was shaking. She read my man like a book. She also gave great advice. She was worth every penny and I will definitely be contacting her again.

Dallas, TX
May 22, 2018

Cherry is great to talk to and she will never judge you. She truly wants to help and does. I’ve been getting readings from her every couple of months for over a year. Over this time, she has actually been able to pick out specific details that have happened to me regarding my ex, as well as my work situation. She has been correct on multiple occasions. If you aren’t sure about getting a genuine psychic reading, but are interested, this is the right person. Well worth the price. Tomas

May 12, 2018

I was referred to Cherry 4 years ago by a friend, and I have been speaking to her ever since. She is hands down the most reliable, accurate and compassionate psychic guide. Whenver I am going through something tough, I always leave the call with complete peace, and a new found confidence with in myself. Cherry never disappoints, and I can’t imagine my life without her kindness and guidance!

Cleveland, OH
April 7, 2018

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