Wednesday July 19, 2006

Love My reading you are so awesome……


Tuesday May 23, 2006

I had the pleasure of having a new client reading with Cherry, and found her to be both amusing and serious, cheerful and honest. My conversation with Cherry revealed– and confirmed much of what I had been experiencing– I have a few psychics that I really care for, and go back for readings– two in the Boston area are quite good–Yet, I am always up for trying someone new, and who is honest and accurate, and while the perception is that phone readings can sometimes lack in quality– not at all with Cherry’s reading… it felt as if she was right there with me in my home, and I highly recommend her!! To conclude, I loved the way she suggested that I take a vacation late in the summer, as my second job, will cause me to “work my butt off” !! She is very obviously a beautiful, and caring person, who just happens to be a terrific psychic!!

Bridgette Williams

Tuesday May 23, 2006

Okay Cherry I know you have been wondering if I was going to leave some feedback and here I am. I have been calling cherry since I found her about six months ago, and I remember the very first reading she did for me. Let me put it this way it was goooood! The second reading was even better and she described everything to the “T” and what she said was going to happened actually played out before my eyes. I only call her if I want the truth and sometimes it feels like she the bearer of bad news. I am learning about these psychic networks and how they tell you what you want to hear and also take your money. This woman is not like this and she is definately trustworthy and true with her readings. She is a gem!!!!

Wendy Mantia

Tuesday May 23, 2006

Cherry you were right i did get in touch with my ex boyfriend michael we talked for a few minutes that a start hope we could start communicate more thanks


Tuesday May 16, 2006

Amazing reading. I appreciate the insight. I know I will be back for more information in the future. Thank you!


Saturday May 6, 2006

Cherry is the best and that’s that!


Tuesday April 11, 2006

Cherry gave me a fabulous reading. Even if it wasn’t all things I wanted to hear, her accuracy and honesty made me feel peaceful and calm. She also told me that something very big and unexpected was about to happen between my ex and I in the near future, she told me I might be pregnant. At first I did not believe her and couldn’t see how this could be possible, but I went and took a test an hour later and it came out positive. How would she have known that? Because she is a true psychic who cares a lot about her clients and helping them find inner peace. Thank you so much Cherry!! I can’t wait to speak to you again!


Friday March 31, 2006

Sorry took so long to post – but had to say how great the reading was! Cherry really pinned my personality and my husband’s, really understood our situation – and I’m so excited for the new cycle she talked about!! Definitely recommend working with this great lady! =)


Wednesday March 22, 2006

Excellent reading. Thank you.


Sunday March 19, 2006

Cherry, there aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful you are. Thank you for all your insight and pointing me in the right direction. You always tell it like it is and I love your honesty. You have calmed my nerves and held my hand so often I can’t thank you enough for all those times. Not only do I look to you for your insights into my situation but also for your unique advice that is sooo appropriate and what I need to hear. I now know what I’m getting myself into and I’m going into it with my eyes open and an open mind. You are invaluable and I’ll always keep in touch. Thank you my friend.