Saturday January 12, 2008

Cherry, thank you so very much for everything! Not only were your visions very accurate but the feelings you sensed were as well. My love is in a predestined arranged marriage…something I could not even face until you gave me sound advice, and accurate readings. Everything you said would happen has happened so far! I am so shocked! Before you I felt myself on an emotional roller coaster ride…but now I feel more settled. My feelings are stronger and more firm than ever. Now I await to see the “sudden changes” you predicted in the next round! Thank you Cherry for the strength, and encouragement I needed now more than ever! I will call you again very soon! Your honesty is the best virtue!


Tuesday December 4, 2007

cherry is so accurate is amazing…i have been a returning client of hers for about 5months now and everything she has told me has been accurate…she has a warmth about her that i absolutely love and she is honest. i appreciate her with everything. thanks so much cherry.


Thursday November 29, 2007

Hi Cherry. You were right. Not only is one man from my past coming back into my life. So is another! You were ON THE DOT. Now let’s just hope that the man i want to be with makes contact when you said. I know you said to just let time flow and not wait but its difficult! haha. well talk to u soon!


Friday November 16, 2007

Thanks Cherry for the great reading! I can’t wait to find out what will happen. I’ll definitely call you back!


Wednesday November 14, 2007

Thank you for your reading, Cherry! I could have talked to you for hours but unfortunately i’m on a budget haha. well anyway, i really hope your predictions come true. and i will stick to your advice. you are so nice, caring, and nonjudgmental. easy to talk to you! thank you so much for your time and hope to talk to you soon. (hope i haven’t called too much lol. bye!)


Sunday November 11, 2007

I called for teh first time and I had a super great reading! Thank you Cherry, you described everything so accurate, all the details were rigth on, and gave me good advice.I am looking forward to talking to you again, and I am so happy I was lucky to have teh chance to find you:)


Friday September 28, 2007

Cherry is the best! So i have been dealing with this situation with this guy for the past few months, and Cherry told me how he still had feelings for me and how i would “suddenly be going to visit him” (he lives far away) I did not believe her b/c at the time the relationship was pretty strained…well sure enough out of no where he pops back into my life and i booked a flight the next day…. shes the best!


Monday September 3, 2007

wow! what can i say?!? cherry wuz so cool and straight to tha point. very easy to talk 2 and jus so down 2 earth. ur like talkn to a mom and it really helped. i will be callin back! by the way can i call u mom?!?! Lol! 😉


Wednesday August 22, 2007

Cherry, you’ve been impressive! Of course when I first called you, I had doubts…even when you gave me your first predictions, I had doubts! But everything you have said has came to pass…from telling me which job offer I would receive out of the several interviews I went on…to predicting relationships to come! I’m definitely a satisfied, returning customer & I recommend Cherry to anyone with any doubts!


Monday August 13, 2007

Ive tried kasamba, keen and others and Cherry blows them all away. The detail and accuracy from so little info was incredible. She makes the rest seem like pretenders. No need to look any further than here. Supercool person also