Thursday October 9, 2008

Thank you Cherry for your time and your readings. So far the things we have dicussed have been accurate, and have assisted in guiding me in the right direction. I have also had wonderful results with the MindSmoothe that I got from healthymyway it really helped me with my mood swings.


Sunday September 21, 2008

God Bless you Cherry..thanks for the accurate guidance.


Friday September 19, 2008

It is amazing how Cherry is on point on everything even what you are feeling at that moment in time. She has even predicted what my mood will be in the next few days. She has helped me alot when it comes to my emotions, she helps me be more clear. She can see through all the mud! It is a truly amazing gift she has!


Saturday July 19, 2008

I have to say I have talked to Cherry a few times and its pretty cool how she just knows somethings that you did not mention about a situation u have in question. Besides being accurate she is very sweet, personable, and kind. I really like talking to her and I think she is legit!!!!


Monday June 30, 2008

I spoke to Cherry today and a few days ago. Her predictions haven’t changed and got more detailed. Specifically she mentioned and described someone that I still have to found out about but I have a strong feeling that she is right, specially after another psychic gave me the EXACT same info. All Cherry said made sense and I’m looking forward to seeing her visions unfold. I will be back to leave more feedback as events hopefully confirm what she said. Not all is good in her predictions. However she knows how to deliver good and bad news.


Sunday June 29, 2008

so guess who has randomly started trying to talk to me again…yuppp you said months ago that it wouldn’t be the last i’d heard from him…i’ll call u later this week to fill you in.. thanks again for your honesty as always! ur the best 🙂


Thursday June 26, 2008

thanks so very much cherry sage for the guidance and insight. as much as i didn’t want to believe you years ago, i am thankful for the insight that turned up ending as you saw it would. thanks again!


Thursday June 26, 2008

I have been talking to her for years – since 2001 I think and so often i have not believed or wanted to believe her. Call her – she’s unfailing in her accuracy. Dont call if you’re looking for a specific answer – be prepared for the truth.

Thursday June 26, 2008

Okay Wow! I really got a terrific reading from Cherry Sage. She was able to get information from her guides that I know to be 100% accurate. The big question, will he contact me and her prediction is yes. She feels very strongly soon but cautions to be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it. He is a receiver not a giver and I have to know going in that its no cake walk. These are things I also know to be true. So funny that today I ran into an ex and she picked up on him right away before the one I was calling about. She has a tremendous gift and I look forward to continued conversations with her. Highly Highly recommended.


Sunday May 18, 2008

Thanks Cherry! Even though weeks may lapse since our last conversation, you are always consistent and accurate in your readings. I will definitely keep you updated 🙂