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ALWAYS thorough, friendly, helpful, reassuring & honest. She won’t give you BS, she tells the cards like she sees them. Her readings with me have been very consistent & even though I’m impatient, her time frames haven’t changed. After looking back over my notes, she told me ‘he’ would be back around the last week in Oct, or first week in Nov…that was a DEFINATE date. I keep calling expecting things have changed since I haven’t heard from him, but they have not. She just fills me in on the changed emotions/feelings between now and then. You should take notes too, because she will give you lots of info…and looking back you will realize just how right she was!


Seekers of the Light.If you've read my testimonials, then you'll know that you can expect honest accurate details in your psychic or tarot card reading. I need to tune into the person or persons involved in your questions and once I feel it.

What Are The Akashic Records And Just What They Do

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Akashic records The Akashic Records are the Universal Archives of every experience and life-time that you have actually previously lived, a thorough and accurate record of your soul's trip from creation to existing day [...]

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