It is widely believed by numerologists and the like that individuals with Master Numbers 11 or 22 in their name or date of birth are endowed with special qualities that demand a greater effort.   That they are old souls that have come into this lifetime to master some level of experience (be it spiritual, scientific, medical, religious, educational, technological).  In order to access this power or gift, the soul must come into awareness (or perhaps was born with this special awareness) or awakening.  Individuals actually operating at this high level are rare indeed, but once connected to this power and operating at this higher level, can be a true channel of divine knowledge and mastery.  People with Master Numbers have the potential to achieve great accomplishments.  However, master accomplishment require master effort.  The potential is there.  If however, a person with master numbers cannot live up to this potential, then they operate and the lower level two rather than 11; four rather than 22.  See Basic Numbers.

11 is the number of revelation, illumination.  If expressed harmoniously, a person with a Master Number 11 could be a gifted channel or clairvoyant, seeks to express higher consciousness, unites spiritual Truth to material plane; inventive, visionary leader, sets an example, a dreamer.

Example of a Life Path or Life Mission Master Number 11


11 is the number of illumination and awareness. 11s have the potential to be extremely able at whichever activities they undertake. They are capable of rising to the top of their professions. Those who have developed their full potential are idealists and visionaries. They have an understanding of themselves and others. They are charismatic and inspirational. They have quiet inner strength, strong convictions and much perception. They are leaders in their chosen field, leading in a sensitive and caring way. They often have vocational zeal, seeking to influence and to change the ways that things are done. 11s have to take care not to become impractical dreamers rather than doers. Very occasionally 11s distort their talents by using them in a self-seeking but nevertheless effective way. 11 is not an easy Life Path number to have. Recognition and development of the 11 abilities is often latent. However, if and when 11s use their special talents, they can be a great inspiration to other people.

Life Mission 11s must learn an awareness of the mental and spiritual world and its relationship to the material realm. They should seek wisdom and understanding and then pass their knowledge to others in a functional and helpful way. They have to learn how to selflessly serve humankind in a practical way. They can do this in many ways, for example as statesmen, writers, preachers, instructors, scientists, managers, environmentalists or artists, all of whom can apply their skills constructively to influence the minds of people. Although 11s are capable of great accomplishment, initially they may not even understand discussions about the spiritual or philosophical realms. They may be operating purely intuitively and may not see a relationship with anything other than the material world. Once they recognise their special powers they often find it difficult to apply this power in a practical and constructive way. The nervous tension caused by their sensitivity, by their search for direction and for methods to apply their special talents may make 11s quite hard to live with. Eventually most 11s develop their potential to a degree. If the pressure of doing so becomes too great they may revert, perhaps for a while only, to 11s lesser number which is 2. For this reason it is worth reviewing this number briefly: Life Path Number 2 2s are sensitive, loving, considerate people who tend to operate in a supportive role. They are the balancers of life, diplomatically defusing situations. They facilitate activities from behind the scenes, often dealing with the detail. Their Life Mission is to associate and to co-operate with others in a supportive way, without taking the lead or the limelight. 11s choosing the 2 Life Path may find that they become restless with the secondary role that they are adopting. Deep down they know that they can be the leader rather than the follower.

22 is the number of the master builder.  If expressed harmoniously, intellectual practicality, work involves large scale institutions, capable of integrating higher wisdom with organizational structure.  See Basic Numbers

Example of a Life Path or Life Mission Master Number 22


22s have the potential to be extremely capable at whatever they do. They can be very practical and can see the broad picture. They are ethical and honest. They are able to direct others. They are so aware, intuitive and perceptive that they often find original and startling solutions to problems. This is also because they can operate on a different wavelength from others. Other people will see the potential of 22 individuals and will be attracted by their natural charisma, even if the latter are not using their talents to maximum effect. They have a generous nature and a genuine care for humanity. 22s have a deep inner understanding of the forces of nature and much wisdom. They are frequently idealists but can put their concepts into practice. They operate best when they have a firm supportive base of family and friends, and when they are co-operating with others. Deep down, 22s are very sensitive; frequently this sensitivity and their peacemaking abilities are tested to the full by a dominating individual within their environment. 22s should try to work with the flow of circumstances, not against them. 22s usually have nervous tension because they will feel constant pressure to perform to their full potential. They should take care not to overwork as this can bring about emotional difficulties. Negative 22s may have a consuming wish to control others; this can make them selfish, ruthless and immoral. Fortunately this type is a rarity.

22 Life Mission

22s must learn the mastery of combining the highest ideals with their power to achieve the largest of material goals. With this they have the potential for more perception and more understanding than others and the ability to achieve everything in the way of material accomplishment. The 22 Life Mission is to learn how to develop and focus this potential so that it can be put to practical use for the benefit of the many. 22s must work for the benefit of humankind in order to achieve their own ultimate growth. The 22 Mission is tough, but worth pursuing, because 22s achieving even partial success can do more good for both humanity and themselves than those who do not have this number. Because they find it difficult to operate at the high 22 level all of the time, and because all 22s have some of the 4 characteristics, there is a need to know about the aspects of the 22 fall-back number which is 4: 4 Life Mission: 4s are here to learn to create order and structure, to work hard to serve others, to accept willingly life’s limitations. Acceptance leads to happiness and satisfaction at the level at which 4s are comfortable. 4 Characteristics: 4s are practical and have the ability to work long and hard. They are logical, conscientious and pay attention to the details. They make good organisers, administrators and managers, although many 4s are content to work in non- supervisory positions. 4s are able to get to the top of their professions and trades, but often by sheer hard work. They usually like structure in their lives, disliking too much innovation. They are honest, responsible and sincere. They usually lack spirituality unless it forms part of an established religion. They have a rather fixed approach and distrust rapid change. They are courageous; this can be expressed as determination, but sometimes stubbornness. They have strong likes and dislikes. 4s who have yet to develop their natural potential may be disorganised, chaotic and even irresponsible. 4s expressing themselves in a negative way will feel caught in a trap. They may be bossy and over-dominant. They may have very fixed attitudes and these may prevent them from changing and adapting, thereby stunting their development; they may try to blame this lack of progress on others. Their frustration can lead to loss of temper and even violence. Although those with 4 Life Paths operate within certain limitations, many 4s prefer to lead a structured and secure existence. It is this very safety that allows them to lead happy and fruitful lives.


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