Is The Appointment I Requested Confirmed When I Get My Receipt?

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Is The Appointment I Requested Confirmed When I Get My Receipt?

By | May 23, 2017|Uncategorized|Comments Off on Is The Appointment I Requested Confirmed When I Get My Receipt?

When you use my Appointment Scheduler by clicking CONTACT at the bottom of your screen, or by clicking any Appointment Scheduler button, you may request a specific time that you would like for your consultation.  I must have time to accept your request so your appointment is not automatically confirmed the moment it is dispatched.  I will confirm your appointment with a separate e-mail after I receive your request.  So please wait for your Confirmation E-mail.


Seekers of the Light.If you've read my testimonials, then you'll know that you can expect honest accurate details in your psychic or tarot card reading. I need to tune into the person or persons involved in your questions and once I feel it.

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