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Please try my new Free Numerology Reading. This particular free reading today is not your typical numerology element that you have found on the internet. This is your Karmic Accumulation*. For this calculation, you must enter your full name as it was recorded on the birth certificate. If you have more than four names please use the first three and then the last to find your accurate Karmic Accumulation. If you were adopted as an infant, please use your adoptive parents names. Name changes will not give you an accurate reading. Stay tuned for new free numerology reading offers right here. ~~Coming Up Next~~ Free Numerology Charts and absolutely free numerology reports.

* Karmic Accumulation description is credited to Lynn Buess, Numerology For The New Age.

Find out yours, your friends and your love ones.



The Karmic Accumulation number is found by taking all the missing numbers in the name and then adding them together. The Karmic Accumulation number gives perspective on an individuals overall reaction to the weight of the necessary lessons. It should be emphasized that the dynamics of karmic numbers are mostly expressed through our lives subconsciously. Only a few are obviously conscious traits. The Karmic Accumulation hints at a lot of tendencies expressed through previous personalities. Some of these may still remain in the subconscious and reveal themselves through the current personality. By recognizing these traits consciously, one can transmute the negative and integrate the positive traits into the present life expression for richer unfoldment and living. If this is not accomplished, then one can become bogged down by weight of the past and never really accomplish desired intentions of this life cycle.
A warning: Sometimes persons reading their Karmic Accumulation and being newly exposed to reincarnation and karma will read evaluations like this and experience discomfort or anxiety because they interpret this to mean they are guilty of doing everything described in the karmic descriptions. Or perhaps they will mistakenly believe that that is all the karma there is for them to deal with in this lifetime.
The information is rendered to assist your understanding, not to upset it. If you are troubled by something said, seek your own inner guidance for clarification. It is probable some aspect may have been overlooked herein and your own intuitive insight can add other valuable perspectives.