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TODAY : March 23, 2019
Your optimistic and positive charisma are magnetic. A friend or family member may need your help fairly soon, so don't hesitate to offer them assistance, since you have the necessary resources. It will definitely make you feel good to help others, knowing that they will remember you for it. You're energetic and enjoy the greatest of health. Spontaneous walks or jogs in the park make you to feel extremely fit and satisfied. Your physical condition improves as a result of this greater lifestyle balance, and others come to notice your impressive, eye-catching physique as well as the confidence you possess.


From:January 20-February 18



Today’s Horoscope

General Features for Aquarius: 

Aquarians are basically cool, sensible and friendly people. They are intellectually oriented and want their minds to rule their emotions. They like to play with ideas and spend considerable time and energy in the “world of thought.” Aquarians are independent and like to form their own ideas about life – ideas that are often different from the mainstream. Once they have formed an opinion, they stick to it and are not easily swayed by other people. They often behave in a collected and unruffled manner – for example, by playing it cool when people try to flatter them or become too personal. Like a poker player, Aquarians

can become detached in certain situations. Aquarians dislike it when others interfere in their lives, threaten their sense of freedom, make demands or tell them what to do. They don’t like people who presume to know them better than they know themselves. Moreover, they don’t like familiarity, unless they instigate it. It’s important that Aquarians seek projects and interests that engage their intellect and allow them to work with people, preferably in groups or in a large workplace. They usually like to be socially active, but on their own terms – they cherish their independence.

Aquarius In Love:

One of the Aquarian’s deepest needs is for a satisfying, complementary relationship, which gives them freedom and tolerance along with mental and physical stimulation. With the right person they will be a passionate, uninhibited and understanding lover intent on maintaining their bond for life. Receptivity will calm Aquarians’ rebellious tendencies. Unlike many, Aquarians rarely feel any pangs of jealousy. Their sex-drive is not unduly strong, but their need to explore and be stimulated sometimes gives others the impression their desires are unconquerable. They can be very playful and attentive lovers and will put a great deal of energy into satisfying their partners. Aquarians are open to all forms of experimentation (in the pursuit of new knowledge, of course) and the field of sexuality and relationships is no exception. Even though deep down they seek security, their love of originality and exploring unusual new fields of endeavor gives them an attraction for partners with interesting, unconventional minds and bodies.

Seducing a Aquarius Men:

Aquarian men are brilliant, free and active. They are easy to seduce, but it is difficult to maintain their love for a long time. You don’t have to part him from his friends and it is important to leave him free. He loves living in luxury, he likes what’s new and he can make his partner’s life brighter. TIP: When you are with him, wear fashionable dresses!

Seducing a Aquarius Women: 

Aquarian women are nice, plain, curious and modern. They love culture and travelling. They are always ready to help other people and to keep up with novelties. Their ideal man is brilliant, tolerant and educated. Aquarian women are wonderful, but you shouldn’t restrain them within the house’s four walls. They are essentially free women. TIP: Give her flowers. she loves it!

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