Personal Reports

I take pride in the work that I do and in the products and services that I offer on this website.  Just ask my clients.  Being a psychic intuitive and master numerologist with many years of experience, I know when I see something of quality and substance.  That is what I offer and that is what you can expect.  We offer the following numerology reports:

Full-Life Numerology Report. Not only are all critical aspects covered in detail, but it also includes a full 3-year forecast which includes pennacles, year essence, personal years, sub-cycles, etc.  You may request additional years if desired. Order.

Compatibility Love Report. Most compatibility profiles are only giving you two personality descriptions.  This report does no such thing.  It actually “compares” the two of you and discusses the synergy “between” you.  Not leaving you to decide how you work together as a couple or partnership.  A full forecast is also included for the two of you. Order

Short Profile. A basic personality report.  Covers basic core elements.  No forecasting included. Order

Forecasting. 3-year full forecast including pennacles, year essence, personal years, sub-cycles, etc.  Additional years may be requested. Order

If you are more deeply interested in numerology, and it is a very fascinating and meaningful subject, then you should check out the Numerology page where you can get a more in-depth study of the meanings and influences of numbers in your life and many of the most critical elements covered in your reports.

Try selecting from the menu below to see some major elements and their meanings.  Place mouse over arrows to see menu items.

What sets my numerology readings apart from others you may have experienced is not only the accuracy level of what is revealed but by an integrative analysis of the numbers and their relational significance.  In other words, each number carries a different vibration and therefore a different energy frequency but when you put these different frequencies together, a totally different picture emerges–a more accurate one.  One in which by using my psychic abilities, knowledge and experience can bring to light significant information.  It’s not about telling you simply what a single number means as it stands alone.  No, no, no.  It’s far deeper than that.  But then you may have to be a numerologist to fully understand this concept.  Some people have the mistaken idea that perhaps numerology cannot reveal deep, significant aspects of a person’s nature, personality and character.  Even forecast significant events.  That it can only describe people generally.  The opposite however  is true.  When each core number is compared with other core numbers and sub-elements in a chart based on their relative power and position in the chart, amazingly accurate details result.  This is my expertise.  Each number is not taken for it’s meaning as a single digit alone.  Why that would make all 6’s just alike.  What distinguishes two individuals with the same Life Path number for instance?  An overly glowing description of a number in someone’s chart when taken alone is accurate insofar as it describes the potential that exists for that particular number.  But when you take the relative power that each number has based on its position in your chart and then analyze their aspects, a much more powerful blueprint or soul’s code is revealed.  A wealth of information can be tapped.  I personally use the number aspects quite a bit as they offer precise descriptions of the subconscious influences and gives clues to how a person will react in various situations.  In addition, the two numbers that are behind a single digit, e.g., 17/8, 26/8, and 35/8, all have different meanings.  It suggests different life experiences and must be delineated accordingly.

I have done my research and the reports/studies that we offer are the very best available.  I wouldn’t settle for less for myself and therefore I wouldn’t expect that you would either.  I offer this to you and hope you enjoy them enough to buy them for your family and friends.  They make excellent gifts.  Reports do not give psychic answers, but I am always available to take your calls if you need a live reading now.  Ready to buy?  Click here to Order.