Truthful Psychic Readings–Is There Any Truth in Psychic Readings?

Excellent question.  Do psychics tell the truth?  Many people wonder if psychic readings are something you can trust or on which something you can rely.  Often perceived as mystical, unknown, unproven or even misunderstood, these are some of the attributes that many people think when contemplating getting a psychic reading. There are a lot of misconceptions out there and understandably so. With the...

Another Psychic Scam, Sad but True

I said I’d make a post every time I get a new caller whose life is in agony regarding “work” they are having done by a gypsy psychic scammer. On my blog, you have complete anonymity, and no one’s real name would ever be divulged. Just the actual events are being related here. My new client told me she is going through very difficult financial times and this gypsy in her area is...

Gypsy Psychic Scam Strikes Again!

Once again I get a call, today, about how a new client was told they had a curse on them by a local psychic shop. Untold amounts of money are being asked for to remove negative energy, a curse or anything a vulnerable person might believe is keeping them from finding happiness. These people are running a confidence scheme. You know those little houses you see all over the place. Well, they have a very...

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