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What Are The Akashic Records And Just What They Do

Akashic records The Akashic Records are the Universal Archives of every experience and life-time that you have actually previously lived, a thorough and accurate record of your soul’s trip from creation to existing day and also past. These records are called consisting of all expertise of human encounter as well as the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a collection; other...

About Auras – What We Know About the Human Energy Field

Chakras and Auras Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power The Webster’s New World Dictionary states that an aura is “an invisible emanation or vapor” or “a particular atmosphere or quality that seems to arise from and surround a person or thing”. The word “chakra” isn’t even in this dictionary! I hope that...

The Auric Energy Field — What Is It?

The Aura and Auric Energy The Aura: This is the Energy field produced by the Energy or Etheric Body and can be observed by people who have the ability of “auric sight” or clairvoyance. Auric Energy fields are highly complex and very fluid, being influenced not only by health and vitality, but also by the mood of a person. As moods change so then does the appearance of the aura. The...

A New Age Movement Is Developing

The evolution of life here on Earth has led a lot of folks to be disconnected from nature and from their very own spirituality. Given the chaotic history of our kind, many individuals have found themselves lost in the midst of technological advances and materialistic facets of our existence. These days many people question the veracity of the beliefs our ancestors imposed on us and question if...

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