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Surprising Benefits of Being Single — What To Do If You Are Single And Lonely

There comes a point in your life when you will want/need to be in a relationship.  The special kind that makes you feel like smiling for no reason, staring off into space or tripping over your own feet even, because you sort of get lost with the emotions and thoughts and good feelings.  And those are nice experiences to have.  But perhaps better to have when we want them as oppose to need them....

The Easy Way To Rejuvenate And Transform Yourself

Folk nowadays live a fast paced lifestyle. With so many things going on at the same time, it is anticipated that you’d finish up burned out at some point. Keeping a balanced approach to life amid the ever changing environment does not only mean being physically healthy. A holistic approach to health also demands that you take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual wishes. In this aspect,...

The Practice of Meditation

MEDITATION Meditation is frequently confused with various forms of concentration. The purpose of concentration exercises is to focus our full undivided attention on a specific aspect of functioning of our mind and/or the body in order to accomplish a certain goal or develop a certain skill. Exercises such as yoga, tai-chi, breathing exercises, visualization are all forms of concentration. In...

Self-Hypnosis And Mental Imagery: How Use Them

Hypnosis allows us all to experience thoughts, fantasies and images as almost real. It also plays a role in pain and stress management. Besides, it can change certain behaviors, such as studying, help control anger and sadness, build self-esteem, reduce bad habits, and so on. “A lot of people can be hypnotized and can utilize self-hypnosis”, affirms Judie Keys, a Hypnotherapist in San Diego,...

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