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Psychic Readings and the Mystery of Who Really Is Your Soul Mate!

One of the strongest influences I have come to realize after years of doing psychic readings and numerology readings, and the most often asked question many of us would like to know is, “Is this person my soul mate?”  The word itself, soul mate, arouses not only those all important instincts to be with a person we like to think is meant to be, but to know if the object of our desire is...

Dreams Of Future & Dreams Meaning

Most of us have had at least one dream that manifested in our waking lives. Some are blessed and cursed to have these regularly. There are many types of life altering dreams that predict and mark transitions, and rites of passage. They reveal to us aspects of our character and values that are immutable as long as they are unconscious. We know that character plays a significant role in fulfilling our...

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