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Meet the Sage, Order a psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Set an appointment for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Psychic Contact, Recommend your friends for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here Order
Meet the Sage, Order a psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Set an appointment for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Psychic Contact, Recommend your friends for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here Set Appointments
Meet the Sage, Order a psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Set an appointment for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Psychic Contact, Recommend your friends for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here Contact
Meet the Sage, Order a psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Set an appointment for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Psychic Contact, Recommend your friends for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here FAQs
Meet the Sage, Order a psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Set an appointment for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here, Psychic Contact, Recommend your friends for a phone psychic reading or tarot card reading here Tell-a-Friend
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Welcome. I am a professional authentic psychic intuitive and I welcome you to a place where you can get a reliable authentic psychic reading, Accurate Online Psychic Reading, Phone Psychic Advice Reading, Tarot Card Reading or Numerology Reading Today. First-time callers are eligible for my Free Psychic Reading Offer! Spend some time here and you'll learn a lot.

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This is a place where you can experience a truthful, authentic and accurate online psychic reading with real psychic answers to your many questions and concerns by personal consultation with Cherry Sage. Please read my testimonials so you can see how my gift for giving astonishing insights and accurate psychic predictions has helped so many of my clients, if you are looking for an authentic online psychic reading, or psychic phone reading, a tarot card reading or numerology reading-- even a free psychic reading offer. I have many years of relevant experience, and I am known for my providing truthful readings with integrity, for my accuracy, and not least of all, for unveiling and unraveling significant details of some of your life's undeniable mysteries. All consultations are confidential. First-time callers can talk for 5 free minutes.

Ready to make appointment?  Click to reserve a guaranteed time for your psychic reading with Cherry Sage and check out in 5 easy steps graphicThis button is an active status button and represents my current status. Click on it to see my schedule and prices. Don't forget to bookmark this site and stay tuned for new features currently being added. Also see Live Psychic Readings for more details.*
*Cherry Sage is not a network. She is a private, professional psychic and numerology expert. If you are discriminating and looking for real, authentic, accurate psychic advice via a phone reading, call today for your personal consultation. 1-866-TOP ADVICE.


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Experience a professional and accurate psychic reading, an authentic online psychic reading , Tarot Card Reading, Phone Psychic Reading, or a Numerology Reading LIVE from Psychic Readings by Cherry Sage. For more information on how YOU can develop your own psychic abilities click the banner below. If you are one of Cherry Sage's clients, then you will know she always recommends developing your own psychic abilities.
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This award is given to exceptional sites with a commitment to the practice higher spiritual principles emphasizing our personal journey of going inward beyond our five senses, mind and intellect to experience the Soul (the God) within each one of us.As a personal professional psychic counselor for thousands over many years of practicing, I have many insights to share that may be helpful in seeking psychic advice. My clients utilize me as their personal psychic secret weapon for figuring out the people and situations in their lives. You too can benefit from my gifts and skill. Please take a moment to read some of my articles below, which REALLY have helpful information about accurate psychic readings, online psychic readings, phone psychic readings, tarot card readings, clairvoyance, psychic advice, numerology readings and information that anyone seeking psychic advice should know in choosing a psychic advisor to get real psychic answers and an accurate psychic reading. There is lots of useful information and tips contained in these articles about psychics--psychic readers, tarot card readers, and psychic advice and even how I work, and I hope you will avail yourself of this valuable information so that you can learn how to choose an authentic psychic advisor--one who is real, how to spot a fake and much more!

Articles by Cherry Sage

Find out valuable information about psychics and psychic readings
What to Expect from a Psychic Reading Online Psychic Reading
What is a Psychic Anyway? Tarot Card Reading
Real Psychic Readings and Why It's Not So Easy to Find An Authentic Psychic and Tips to Find One. Free Tarot Card Reading
How to Spot a Fake Psychic-Changing the "Imitation" Psychic Paradigm Psychic Phone Reading
What Can a Psychic Really Tell You? Psychic Love Reading
Psychic Dependency on the Psychic Reading Circuit Free Psychic Reading and much more...
Psychic Cherry Sage's Blog  
Psychic Future Predictions--Know When A Psychic Should Not Predict Your Future Psychic Advice--Should You Base a Future Decision On What A Psychic Tells You?
Professional Psychic Readings--What is a Professional Psychic Reading and Why Should I Want One?  
Accurate Psychic Predictions-The Baffling Mystery Why Your Future Psychic Predictions May Not Be Accurate  
Accurate Psychic Readings--The Unknown Truth About Getting Accurate Psychic Predictions Is Revealed  
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 What people are saying about their numerology profiles

Talking to u last year was the catalyst to many good things in my life so I thank you very much.... Andrea

Thank You so much for my short profile - I love it - it is so me, I even acknowledge the negative sides of me which I am aware of....Elaine

Thank you very much for the reading, it is so complete I can't imagine something like that. It was really great once more thank you so much. There is truth in it, which is so amazing. Regard from Jakarta....Irma

 -- Please visit my Numerology pages to see a sample of my own personal analysis.  Find out how to calculate your own numbers and see what this means about you and how this information can empower your life.  Very interesting. --

Numerology Pages:  Life Path, Soul Urge, Expression, Master Numbers, Karmic Debts....


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Freaky Accurate--You will NOT find this anywhere else on the web.

So You're Looking for a Free Psychic Reading.  I hope that is not an absolutely totally free psychic reading you are looking for.  All First-Timers to my site who want to try my service receives 3-5 free minutes FREE with a purchase of ONLY 7 minutes.  None of my psychic readings are totally free But they are accurate and truthful.  Please read below for information regarding free psychic readings

Free Psychic Reading image Free Psychic Reading

There's thousands of You out there and there's only one of Me.

As much as I would love to be available to give free psychic readings to everyone, it's physically, emotionally and mentally not possible.  A free psychic reading takes as much time and energy as a psychic reading that someone purchases.

As an apprentice many years ago when I was studying and learning about my craft I gave nothing but free psychic readings.  For a period of 6 years I never even considered taking money for my work.  I was very content to read and learn and advance.  Then one day, something happened.  It was almost as though I got high when I was reading someone.  People I met and my friends said that I seemed different and that in a way it was a little startling to them.  And it was true.  I began to notice that when I was doing a free psychic reading for someone, this enhanced or increased level of energy vibrated throughout my body.  Today, it's almost unnoticeable.  But then, marked the beginning of a special awareness and a higher level of experience for me as a reader and I had finally recognized that what I was doing was powerfully real and some extrasensory thing was happening when I was actually doing a reading.  I liked it.  That's when I started to think that I could do this for a living.  Well, at least I could do it and get paid for it.  I was confident and I knew I could give something of value to the person getting a psychic reading.  My path was set.

Is a Free Psychic Reading Really a Gift of the Spirit?

My father always use to say, "Free advice is worth the price."   Some people think that because what we do originates from Spirit, that we should offer our talent freely and help people without charge.  Recently, I was asked, "Why can't you get a totally free psychic reading anymore?"  I responded by telling her first about all the  expenses I incur to run my service and the energy it takes to conduct a real psychic reading.  When I first started to do this spiritual work as a full-time job, after just three readings per day, I was exhausted.  These would, of course, be readings lasting more than 20 minutes.  But, I observed how draining this work was and had to take measures to make sure that I was able to keep my energy level up to adequately service my clients.

Tarot Card Reading for Free Psychic Reading image

Today, this is my career.  This is what I do to take care of my family and to pay bills like everyone else.  I am amazed at the demand for free psychic readings but who wouldn't want to get anything they wanted for free.  Free offers are designed to attract you to our work and to give a measure of our talent on a complimentary basis; but, to give a totally free psychic reading, which many people want, would be at the expense of the authentic intuitive advisor who really wants to help and that is not realistic.  At one time, I offered a few free minutes  through a chat program I had on my site.  The response was so overwhelming that I had to stop altogether.  I had to think of a way for people to get some part of their psychic reading for free and not feel overwhelmed at the same time.  After all, I do have a regular set of clientele that I service for which I am paid.  I decided to offer 3 free minutes with only a very small minimum requirement if you needed to sample my abilities.

I just wanted everyone to know that it is not possible to give all those who would like a free psychic reading, a totally free absolutely free psychic reading and why.  And that is why the majority of services that have a free offer keep it to a minimum so that you are getting something complimentary as an incentive to try their service.  We are all servants of God but even our pastors and ministers must rely upon money to carry on their work and to take care of their responsibilities.

Becoming a paying client is probably the best way to actually get free minutes on a regular basis for your free psychic reading.  For instance, when one of my client calls and purchases 20 minutes, if I am not finished or it would take an extra five minutes for me to finish up without them having to purchase another block of time, I am more than happy to give this time for free, which is a benefit of being a paying client.  You also are not charged the second you we start talking.  I allow for  preparatory time before actually beginning the reading for which you are never charged.  Not so with psychic lines or large networks.  Also, I have clients from all areas of life, some better financially situated than others.  And those of my clients who are students or have a low income I definitely discount my services for and we are all happy because balance is the goal in life and when someone gives, it is a spiritually correct principle to receive as this creates harmony.  I firmly believe we are here to correct imbalances we have created in past lives and in this very small example of getting something valuable for nothing, an imbalance is being created.  And the Universe is the Master Equalizer of all things.  Therefore, I feel right and comfortable charging a fee for my valuable service as this is in harmony with the universe.

Live Abundantly

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